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Hello All!!!! Well its summer time here in Houston, Texas and there is no way we can deny it!! The heat is extreme as usual and the kids are bored out of their minds! So, the decision was made, a road trip to South Padre Island seemed like just the thing to do. We all piled up in a rented minivan and made the 6 hour drive to clearer waters and some pool side fun. We ended up staying at The Bahia Mar Condominiums, which was one of the only places that had a 3 bedroom condo with enough beds for my crew of 7 individuals. The Condo was nice and cozy. The only problem we had was the whole cable and tv situation. Unfortunately, the owner or whomever deals with these type of situations for the particular condo we were staying in, had a cable service interruption that lasted the entire duration of our stay. We are supposed to be refunded about $300 dollars because of this misfortune, but we have yet to see this. But without a tv we were able to enjoy each other more.

We rented a golf cart, which are plentiful out there, and drove around the strip for about an hour or so. That was fun!! My daughter and I did a little parasailing which was absolutely frightening and exciting at the same time!!  I loved the fact that our whole family was able to ride along in the boat with us to witness this momentous and scary occasion!! It was amazing!!

And because I love Food, we must talk about it!! We dined at this really good Mexican restaurant on the strip called Chilitto Pikin. It is not much to look at on the outside, but we really enjoyed their tacos and their fajitas. They also have different salsas you can choose from depending on your preference and your heat tolerance. We like it spicy so that’s what happened, and it was sooo good!!! We also had dinner at a burger spot by the name of Burger Fi. They were just as delicious as we expected!! The variety of burgers that they have really tailors to all types of diners. They have vegan burgers and burgers without the bun for all you Keto dieters out there.


All in all, South Padre is a nice weekend getaway if you and your family just want to do something that’s relatively close to Houston and your desire for cleaner beach waters needs to be met this summer. I recommend this quick summer getaway!!!



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