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On August 26th, 2017 Hurricane Harvey became one of the most unforgettable and destructive storms to enter into Houston. This storm remained here in Houston, Texas dumping an estimated 1 year worth of rain in approximately 4 days. There were two reservoirs both the Addicks and Barker which had to be released strategically in order to decrease the severity of flooding in some areas. Between 25 and 30 percent of Houston’s Harris County was flooded with an estimated total of 180 billion dollars to rebuild the state. Though the facts of the storm are hard to read and watch, Houston is prevailing remarkably. Being a Houston native and wanting to call no where else in the world home, I am proud to say that our slogan is a true description of exactly who we are “Houston Strong”.

When you are faced with a historic flood that ravishes and diminishes most homes, food, water, gas and everything that you have worked hard for, a nice hot meal during the rebuilding stage is a luxury that you may not be able to afford. And as a woman who loves a deal on any and everything, especially food, chicken has always been an affordable way to feed my family when times are tough and the money may not be flowing as efficiently as you would like. Roasted chicken wings or wingettes with minimal preparation, but overwhelmingly great flavor is a definite main course which should always be on your weekly dinner menu.

Just 1 hour of dedication to these wings while preparing your favorite side dishes and bringing it all together with family and love is all that you need to make these roasted, spicy, salty, savory wings complete.




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