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As Halloween passes us by swiftly, there is another holiday following shortly after. Yes you guessed it, Its Thanksgiving!!! I believe this is my favorite holiday of all. The food, the family, the fragrance of baked goods in the oven and delicious very high calorie main and side dishes that come along with this holiday fills me with joy and an admiration and appreciation for food that may be slightly unhealthy!!

So with Thanksgiving on the horizon, there are a plethora of recipes for the traditional Turkey and dressing. But if your family is anything similar to my family, the American hype for turkey is non existent. This usually forces me to be a little creative. Therefore, either my oven roasted chicken wings or beautiful oven roasted Cornish hens are served. These hens are deliciously golden browned to perfection and juicy all the way down to the bone. You can serve these hens with cornbread dressing and any side dishes that your family really appreciates on Thanksgiving.


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