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Being the oldest daughter of a veteran of the United States Army, I am accustomed to listening to the chills and thrills of military life without actually being able to experience it. The grueling long hours of basic training, the nights with only a couple of minutes of sleep and the hard core drill sergeants that are required to intimidate and mold the soldier into what we know as “Army Strong”, is a commodity that I respect and appreciate. This type of commitment is why I have always thought of the men and women who have served, fought and died for our country to be some of the most brave, courageous and dedicated individuals on the planet.

This past week I was fortunate enough to partake in the festivities of my step-son Myron’s Family Day and Graduation from Basic training in South Carolina at Fort Jackson. The Fort Jackson army base was filled with laughter, joy and excitement from proud family members who came from cities and states all over this great country to congratulate their soldiers. My heart was filled with contentment to hear Myron’s pure enthusiasm about being apart of the service and serving our country. To be able to watch his eyes sparkle as he described his daily routines and his progress becoming one of the nations finest soldiers, was a delight that I will always remember.

And to the special men and women and their families who support and pray for their safety daily, who are currently serving, have served and are our future soldiers, from my family and myself we thank you and God Bless You!!




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