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Its one of those days when you would like to put the chicken, steak, pork and ground beef away and just enjoy your vegetables. Doesn’t that sound amazing!!! Well at least to me it does, so I paired this sautéed spinach and mushroom baked potato with an all veggie wrap!!

The baked potato is running over with delicious garlicky mushrooms and spinach while the 100% whole wheat wrap gently nestles delicious and crisp cucumbers, sliced roma tomatoes, jalapenos, fresh baby spinach, shredded carrots and sautéed red and yellow bell peppers seasoned with a simple hint of kosher salt and pepper. As far as the what’s holding this beautiful creation together, we used smashed avocado of course which was lightly seasoned with a pinch of garlic salt and garlic powder. Oh this meal is a delight and definitely worth the time and effort!!

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