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Hello All!!!! I hope and pray that everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. This 2020 Pandemic is definitely something that we have never seen before or experienced and with the strict stay at home orders, life can seem to get a little dull. But, as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord and remember that he covers us with protection and guidance. With that being said, Mother’s day seemed like the perfect day to open the doors of confinement and partake in a luxurious meal that was not prepared by myself. You know what I mean, that desire to be waited on, Awe, how I miss my favorite restaurants!! So my incredibly sweet husband reserved a spot for us at one of my favorite steakhouses and one of the only steakhouses open during this time, Perry’s Steakhouse. Now before you get alarmed, Perry’s steakhouse employees and atmosphere was very Covid-19 safe. The waiters wore mask and gloves, there weren’t any condiments or anything on the tables upon arrival. They actually handed us paper menus that they discard after each use. I felt very safe and blessed to be sharing a meal in my newly opened city with my husband. I have posted a few pics of our night for your enjoyment.

Be Safe and Stay Prayerful Everyone!! 🙂

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