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finished burgersAs a working loving wife and a mother I feel as though it is my duty to make dinner happen even when I’m too tired for words to describe. Sometimes. Just kidding. No really I do try and make dinner most nights. Emphasis on Most. My fellow working mothers you know what I mean.

Well, its a Saturday night and we were off all day so why not show out a little in the kitchen tonight. Hmmm, and what’s better than some good olé’ cheese burgers with the works!! I’ll tell you what’s better, some good olé’ cheeseburgers with chili dripping from the sides forcing you to make an inevitable decision to lick your fingers between each bite. Mmmmm….. And again I say Why Not?! This whole meal usually takes about a hour to complete. That’s with fries as well. So lets make this meal as simple as it can be with what I call my quick cheat chili. That way we can go relax on the couch afterwards full and undeniably satisfied.

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