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20170620_112015-1Living with a family that loves fried chicken and a husband that fantasizes about breakfast on Saturday mornings, you have to get a little creative. The same old grits, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, sausage or cereal just doesn’t seem to rouse my taste buds. At All. Of course the fact that I’m not really a breakfast person myself may be another issue. I believe I may be more of a brunch connoisseur. This love I have for the savory taste of lunch or dinner with a hint of sweetness is definitely where chicken and waffles come into play!

This is a simple treasure that you won’t forget and may become a favorite on your breakfast, lunch or dinner weekly rotation. The waffles are simple to make with only a few ingredients, and the chicken that I prefer to use is the succulent boneless breast pieces which America and all fast food restaurants in existence refer to as chicken tenders. Chicken Tenders fit easily between the waffles and the crispness and saltiness of the batter wrapped around those white meat pieces of delight, remind you that you are eating fried chicken and the sun may have just come up over the horizon!! Oh what a glorious morning this will be!! Or afternoon, or night, whichever you choose, disappointment will not be written into this equation of sweet and savory at its best. Enjoy!!!


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